An Open Letter to any Woman Who Wants to Keep their Man In Love, Committed to You, and Completely Devoted Forever....

How To Give Him A Blow Job That "Blows His Mind", Makes Him Fall In Love With You, And Stay Loyal Forever...

According to a survey by Penthouse magazine of over 5,000 professional escorts, 88% of men who cheat admit to doing so as a result of unsatisfying or near nonexistent blow jobs.

That’s a pretty staggering number, wouldn’t you say?

And if you think your man would never stray from you, let me share this TRUE STORY with you.

I have a very tight knit group of friends. Most of us have been like brothers for years now. Recently the oldest guy in our group (let’s call him Curtis) had a milestone birthday. You know, one of those birthdays that can drive a man to buy a sports car he can’t afford…

So to help him celebrate (and have an excuse to get away for a few days), we decided to take Curtis to Las Vegas for a weekend for partying and celebrations.

What Curtis didn’t realize is that we had been planning a major celebration party for him on the night of his actual birthday. We had been working on this for a few weeks, so we knew it was going to be pretty wild.

We went to dinner at this really fancy Japanese restaurant, followed by a couple of drinks at cool martini bar. A few hours later, we’re all enjoying the big birthday party in the ball room of our hotel. There were two open bars, an incredible DJ, people dancing everywhere, and Curtis in the middle of all of it wearing his best suit and brand new watch he bought himself earlier in the day.

At some point this girl who Curtis had been flirting with all night, playfully grabbed the watch from around his wrist and made him chase her all over the hotel to get it back. Eventually, he chased her all the way back to her room, and offered him to come inside for a minute.

She poured them both a glass of champagne from the mini bar, and they sat down on the bed. They began kissing and before he knew it, the young lady unzipped his pants and told him to lay back.

She slid herself on to the floor in between his legs and began to take him in her eager mouth.

Curtis said he very quickly became paralyzed with pleasure... The oral sensations he was experiencing were unlike anything he had ever felt before...

Curtis’s wife almost never goes down on him… And on the rare occasion that she does, he always says it’s really bad and neither of them can get in to it.

But this girl was a professional:

She Knew Exactly What To Do With Her Hands, Tongue, And Lips To Lick And Suck Him In To Total Ecstasy...

The next day Curtis was pretty ashamed of what had happened. He said that he only let it happen because of all the excitement of his birthday party and the overly sexual environment that Las Vegas throws you in to. He wasn’t in the right state of mind, and he felt terrible about it.

But at the same time, Curtis felt something he hadn't felt in years... Complete and total infatuation...

They hadn't had sex, but it didn't matter. Curtis couldn't think of anything except her and how her mouth made him feel.

Curtis admitted that he barely had any interest in having sex with his wife... Next to this woman, being intimate with the woman he loves began to feel like a chore....

Curtis was still very much in love with his wife, but he couldn't stop himself from thinking about anything other than how this new woman made him feel.

I had seen Curtis behaving like this once before, about 6 years ago when he was dealing with a substance abuse problem… And I knew there was something more powerful than just physical pleasure going on behind the scenes…

I called my friend Alexa who is a registered nurse and sex educator to see if she had any thoughts.

What She Told Me Confirmed My Suspicions...

These blow jobs were essentially Curtis’s “sexual cocaine”. Only instead of harming his body, he had become romantically, physically, and emotionally connected to this woman in a way he simply could not control. What Curtis was experiencing was more than just a physical release, it was a chemical bond that was stronger than Super Glue!

His brain was flooded with "feel good" hormones that over-took his body... In a very powerful way, Curtis was completely helpless to control himself...

In other words…

A Blow Job Of This Quality Can Make Him Connected To You On The Deepest Levels Permanently!

Thankfully, this story didn't end the way you might expect.

Alexa and I made Curtis sit down with us and his wife to discuss everything. Curtis’s wife was with him years ago when he was battling with his substance abuse problems, so she realized that he could not control himself.

After her initial shock and anger had subsided, she asked Alexa and I if there were any resources out there that could help her learn to give such amazing blow jobs, that Curtis would never again need to look anywhere else.

While you may know me as a relationship coach and sex educator/trainer who’s been featured on dozens of major radio shows, and news papers, and magazines; but Alexa is the real shining star here.

See, she’s not just a registered nurse and sex trainer… Alexa Aimes is also one of the top adult film stars in the world, who is known for giving some of the most amazing blow jobs on the planet. And she’s also trained thousands of regular women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds on how to give the most incredible blow jobs their men have ever experienced.

So Alexa and I decided to take matters in to our own hands… We compiled all of her hers of experience and created a step-by-step video that we gave to Curtis’s wife. Not only was she excited to get started, but he could not be happier to let her “practice” on him.

After just two short nights, Curtis and his wife called us up to say they are closer than ever before. Curtis is more loving, passionate, and romantic than he’s been since they first got together; and it’s obvious that the two of them are deeper in love than they ever have been.

Here's Why Everything Changed So Quickly...

Men are not the best communicators when it comes to what they want in the bedroom. We realize that you are not mind readers, but the last thing we want to do is tell you what we truly desire, since we don’t want to risk hurting your feelings.

The truth is we are so afraid of saying the wrong thing to you, that we’d rather just suck it up (so to speak) and settle with what you give us.

When you discover Alexa’s amazing secret techniques, everything will change

He'll Treat You Like Gold When You Blow Him Away!

He'll want to spend more time with you. He'll want to do things for you. He'll want to make sure you're happy. He'll want to commit to you, and he'll feel compelled to want to stay with you because you make him feel so good.

You'll feel exhilarated as he starts to moan and groan... grabbing the sheets behind him, and thrusting his hips forward in absolute pleasure. You'll feel a sense of power knowing that you can make him feel better than any other woman alive... and that you have become the best he's ever had at giving him oral.

Okay, so the question is... if there are certain things you can say and do in order for your man to enjoy himself more, enjoy the best head ever, and want to be with you because of it... would you be willing to make that change right now?

Well, that's what Alexa and I are here for... to help you give the blow job of your life.

And once you learn and use the skills We'll show you... he'll start doing anything he can to please you, because he won’t be able to get enough of your mind-blowing, vacuum-suction blow jobs. He'll shower you with attention and affection. He'll respect you more and start doing things for you.

He'll give you back rubs and foot rubs. He'll pick up around the house. He'll buy you nice little gifts. He'll be more attentive to your needs.

You'll Have A Man Who LOVES To Please You!

Once you say and do exactly what I teach you... you'll soon be giving blow jobs like you're a master... like you have a lifetime of experience.

And he's gonna love you for it. Again, you'll actually start to enjoy yourself, too. You'll have more fun and excitement as you see what you're doing to him!

You'll see that he's literally like putty in your hands as you take him in your mouth and he starts to shake and moan with pleasure.

You'll be able to look at him and see in his eyes that you're doing an amazing job... and it will give you the confidence and feelings of pleasure to continue.

You Won't Find This Information Anywhere Else!

Unfortunately most sexual educators and trainers don’t cover this topic too well. Or they do so in a way that is overly pornographic. The information we are going to bring you was designed to be fun, exciting, and educational. You can watch it by yourself and surprise your man later, or go through everything together and have fun following along.

And don’t expect him to describe what he really wants from you… All he’s going to be able to do is lay back in ecstasy while you provide him with a gift he will absolutely LOVE… And doesn’t that sound much more fun than a detailed set of instructions?

So if you're ready to learn the oral sex skills that will transform your sex life, relationship, and get him wanting to be with you and only you...

Introducing "Worlds Best Head 2.0"!

small-croppedIn under one short hour you can be using Alexa’s amazing techniques to give your man a mind-blowing orgasmic release like never before…

“World's Best Head” is an instantly downloaded program that shows you exactly what to say and do so your man gets to enjoy the best head of his life... and you'll get to enjoy giving it to him!

This is THE first and ONLY tool that shows you exactly how to give him the best blow job he's ever had, no matter your current level of experience or skill!

Like I mentioned, Alexa Aimes current adult film star, registered nurse, and sex educator. She’s learned these secrets after years of being in this business. Let's just say if she wasn't great at what she does, she’d never get called to perform in front of the camera.

But enough about Alexa... can you imagine how incredible it will be to LOVE giving your man hot, wet, suction-force fellatio all while watch him turn to putty in your hands as you blow his mind with pleasure!

I want to share these secrets with women who want to improve their love lives much more.

When I got Worlds Best Head 2.0 I had my doubts. I thought that at age 38 I know everything I needed to know to please my man when I go down on him. When I saw the technique that shows you how to ________ I knew it would drive my man completely nuts! I'm only part of the way in to the material and we can't thank you enough.

Michelle T.

In my experience, even women who THOUGHT they were good at giving head soon learned they were severely lacking the skills needed to please a man in a way that will make him more passionately and romantically connected.

You’ll feel confident of your new abilities. No more performance anxiety... worried whether or not you’re doing it right. You’ll give your man such intensely powerful blow jobs … he’ll attach those feelings to you as the one who makes him feel like that.  

The thought of leaving you for any other woman will disappear forever when you learn how to put these secrets to use. In fact, once you learn these oral sex skills…

Your Entire Relationship Gets Better!

He'll start going out of his way to please you and treat you like a queen. He'll want to do things for you, and he’ll begin acting more romantic.

Once you know how to make your man quiver with body-shaking oral… he’ll want to be with you and only you. Being amazing at oral gives you a lot of advantages over other women.

Guys don’t want just any plain Jane in the sack. No, they want a woman who knows how to please them. And like I mentioned earlier, most women “think” they know how to please a man, but honestly, they're far from skilled.

Believe me, if you're not good at giving head, or if you don't go down on him often or at all, he's going to be miserable. YOU’RE miserable. Your relationship is miserable. But in order to give him a mind-blowing BJ, you need to be educated on what it physically takes.  You need to learn the techniques that we can teach you.

That’s why we took all the “best oral sex techniques” and put them into this course. You can learn the world class techniques you need in order to make your sex life better for you AND your partner TONIGHT!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover:

  • Dozens of amazing fellatio techniques to help him reach climax in record time (most of which I’m positive you’ve never tried before). Once you perform these, don’t be surprised if he can’t keep his hands off of you for weeks.
  • Learn exactly what to say and what to do in order to get him hard, get him excited, and get him off. Many women feel ashamed if their man is unable to get or maintain an erection, but after today that will be a thing of the past forever.
  • Learn exactly WHAT to say to him, as you're going down on him, that gets him more turned on and more excited! Believe it or not, the exact words you say can increase his pleasure and excitement by up to 50%. And that’s exactly what we’re going to help you achieve.
  • You’ll also learn what foods you can suggest that he eats, so that he tastes so good, you'll love going down on him any time the mood strikes.
  • Discover Alexa’s patented technique technique that makes it feel like 2 women are going down on him at the same time! This is THE move that got her the title of “Blow Job Queen”.
  • We’re also going to share the best positions to be in for giving him a blow job that allows him to please you at the same time.
  • How to encourage him to groom himself (down there) so he’s always fresh, clean, and smells good for you from now on; without the risk of offending him and making him feel self conscious.
  • How to spice things up with these unique body positions and hand techniques. You’re going to watch his eyes roll to the back of his head when you use these incredibly simple modifications.
  • The critical mistakes you could be making when going down on him that turn him off, takes him out of the moment, makes him lose his erection; and how to avoid them once and for all. 
  • Everything you’ll need to know about staying safe during fellatio. The nurse herself will help you stay free of STDs, infections, and other nasty “surprises” that you’d never want to be face to face with.
  • Understand his anatomy in ways he’ll never know. Now you’ll know how to caress, lick, suck, and stroke every single inch of him in the specific ways that feel the absolute best for any man.
  • A step-by-step tutorial of how to deep throat (regardless of his size or your experience) and how to avoid any uncomfortable gagging when you take him down all the way.
  • Secret “pleasure switches” on your man that give him the most intense orgasms of his entire life. Once you flip these switches you’ll watch as all those “feel good” hormones are released and he becomes connected to you on much deeper levels.
  • Numerous ways to spice things up like never before, and take your blow jobs to a whole new level.
  • No matter what your current skill level might be right now, when you incorporate this simple 10-letter word, you’ll be able to easily DOUBLE his pleasure!
  • Never again worry if he’s really enjoying everything you're doing… we’re going to give you a few simple key phrases to whisper that will guarantee to help guide you to what feels absolutely amazing to him.
  • How to get him hot, bothered, and thinking about rushing home to be with you at a moments notice… This works even better if he’s in a boring office meeting or running monotonous errands.
  • What happens when he gets so excited that he begins using too much force for you? Don’t worry, we’re going to show you exactly what to do to get loosen up and let you get back in control.
  • How to bring him to climax faster... This means less wasted time or energy from you, and more time enjoying each others company.
  • The one thing you can do to his testicles that bring him an intense, powerful orgasm... and gets him to admire your skills!
  • And much much more…

Thank you for putting this information together. I am a very religious woman and extremely introverted, so I was a bit nervous to try out your information. But I must say, it was a lot more fun to learn from than I expected, and my husband is absolutely a huge fan as well.

Mary B

If you want to make sure you're doing everything you can to help him enjoy the best head he's ever gotten, this course is perfect. You'll learn the skills and abilities that will make you a pro when it comes to performing oral on him.

Honestly, the secrets you learn on this course will transform you into the knowledgeable, confident woman that your man admires and respects. You'll discover proven secrets that most women will never learn... sex skills that can leave your man satisfied like never before.

You'll have a feeling of being in control when he's turning to putty in your hands. You'll feel powerful when you know you can make him feel like no other women has ever done.

What's more... few women know these secrets so you'll stand out even more for being a great lover.

This Will Take Your Oral Skills To A Whole New Level!

It doesn't matter how skilled you are right now. These techniques will make you the best he's ever had!  What's more... you'll be confident and proud to know that you can satisfy your man in a way no other woman has, or ever will.

And since less than 1 out of 1,000 women know these secrets… you'll be one of those rare women who can satisfy your man unlike any other has.

Look, once you learn and use these oral sex secrets, your man is going to change for the better. He's going to be more attentive to your needs, he's going to show you more love and affection... he'll respect you more than ever and start doing things to please you.

And the thought of ever leaving you for another woman will vanish.  Great sex can be a relationship saver for many couples… and this course gives you all the techniques and advice you need to have GREAT oral sex each and every time

Look, no doubt you want to make your man happy, right? Well, did you know that a recent study found that up to 65% of men eventually cheat! And can you guess the biggest reason men cheat on their men? It's very simple... it’s because they’re tired and bored of their sex life.

In other words... they're not getting their needs met. If you're not pleasing your man... if you're not going down on him often enough, or you're not doing a good enough job when you do... then he may be thinking of cheating on you!

If you’re lucky, he may just meet some random woman, sleep with her once to get it out of his system and then come back home to you as if nothing happened… But what happens if he develops feelings for this other woman? If he starts to develop loving feelings for her that result in him leaving you for good, what will you do?

I know it’s a scary thought, but it’s the unfortunate reality for too many woman…

Luckily, your relationship doesn’t need to go down that dark path.

Once you learn these secrets, your man will enjoy the most intense and powerful blow jobs he's ever experienced. Not only will you be able to bring your man to explosive orgasms at will, you too will enjoy doing it as well.

When you know how to get him off with mind blowing orgasms, no other woman will compare. When you’re able to give your man a blow job like no other woman ever has... he'll want to be with you and only you.

He'll Never Want To Leave Or Build A Connection With Another Woman!

Why would he? You've already proven you're the best he'll ever have when it comes to oral. He'll link that pleasure he feels to you.

Giving him the oral sex of his life is also a great way to enjoy the best committed long term relationship of your entire life.

He'll be more than happy to commit... because he's loving the way you make him feel. He will realize that you are the one he’s been searching for all along.

So Why Am I So Positive This Program Is The Right Answer For You?

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but we are not some clowns who are just calling ourselves experts to sound cool. Our training has been used by tens of thousands of very happy men, women, and couples from all over the world. Since 2009 we have been featured in dozens of major national media outlets, such as MTV, The New York Post, The Daily News, The Howard Stern Show, Cosmo Radio, and tons of others

In 2013 we were awarded the “Best Sex Education Company” in the country, so you can bet we know what we’re talking about.

Now, since I know how this program is the best thing you can do to spice up your sex life right away, I'm going to give you even more incentive to get this right now.

My husband and I used to only have sex once a month or so because it seemed like he had completely lost interest in me after the second child. I watched your video and used only a couple of the techniques on him, and now he can't get enough of me. We have sex 3-4 per week and he is much more passionate than he's been in years. Not only are we much closer than we've been in a long time, but he seem much more connected to me even when we're not in the bedroom. I was thrilled to tell some of my girlfriends about your program.

Elizabeth M

And How Much Does This Amazing Training Cost?

Well, let me ask... how much is it worth to know that you're able to pleasure your man like never before, and unlike any woman has been able to before?

How much is it worth to skyrocket your confidence levels so much... you feel completely sure in your abilities to pleasure him.

Believe me, this is about as close to a guaranteed way to keep your man happy, into you, interested in you, and wanting to stay with you and never stray.

When Alexa has been asked to teach this material to her top privater clients, they have paid upwards of $500 for it! But I don’t want price to prevent you from learning this Incredibly Powerful information, so I am offering the entire course for just one low payment of only $69.95.

This Week I Am Discounting The Price To Just $29.95!

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cheat sheet screen shotSensual Bonus #1 – Diet Cheat Sheet ($27 Value)

Would you like it if your lover tasted so much better when you went down on him? If that sounds good, the Worlds Best Head 2.0 Cheat Sheet is what you need. It's a simple to follow and comprehensive list of:

  • The 26 foods he can eat that will make him taste yummy when you go down on him.
  • 8 secret foods that make him taste better... so you enjoy going down on him because he actually tastes delicious.
  • The 16 foods and drinks that cause men to taste disgusting... and make it impossible for you to want to go down on him.

This bonus will make him taste so good, you'll love going down on him.

new-riding-face-cover-smallSensual Bonus #2 – Guide To Riding Face ($37 Value)

Add another level of excitement by showing him how to ride your face in a way that gives him complete control over you, so he can get as fast, hard and rough as he wants... while you also get to enjoy it the whole time.

In this special report, you'll discover:

  • The safest and easiest way to take control while not ruining the fun by accidentally activating your gag reflex.
  • Secret techniques you can use to go from Beginner to Expert in the fastest and easiest way possible. Yes, you can even deep throat with this position.
  • Techniques that will help him “return the favor” without ever stopping the action.

coupon bookSensual Bonus #3 – Book of Lovers Coupons ($27 Value)

How about having a coupon for a “full body erotic massage complete with oils and candle light”?

Order now and receive over 20 more coupons that you can print out and present to each other whenever you choose. You’ll find a ton of amazing and erotic “gift” ideas. Everything from sexy shower fun, to using toys on one another, and much more.

So here's the deal. The total value of the Worlds Best Head 2.0 Training Video, Diet Cheat Sheet, Guide To Riding Face, and Book of Lovers Coupons is $591.00. But your investment today will NOT be $591

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You can start using these real-life oral sex skills in less than an hour from now.  I'm sure that no longer worrying that your man may cheat on you or leave you for another woman would be a big relief. And I'm sure you wouldn't mind getting rid of the self-doubt and feelings of being inadequate and mediocre when it comes to performing oral.

Look, giving him incredible oral sex, each and every time… that’s something that can be learned, like anything else.  It’s about information.

You'll gain instant access to the program and bonuses. And in just a few short minutes from right now, you can start saying and doing the things that will get him wanting to be with you and only you.

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Now, you still may have some doubt whether this program will work or not. And I completely understand that. So please, let me take all the risk.

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Please, don’t wait around... take action now.  I’m sure you’ll agree $29.95 is a tiny investment when it comes to seeing your man enjoy himself so much more.

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This is your chance to learn what few women know... which is how to give your man the kind of mind-blowing blow job that he's never gotten before.

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Joshua Rose & Alexa Aimes

P.S. Remember... there's absolutely ZERO risk to you. If it's not for you, you can get your money back quickly and easily. So what have you got to lose?

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