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Email Swipe 1 - Subject: The One Thing No Guy Wants To Hear... And How To Excite Him With It. +

Hey, it's [NAME].

Today I want to go over a question that comes up often with a lot of my readers:

Jennifer asks...

"I need help! My boyfriend has always had a very high sex drive and it gets pretty difficult when it's my 
time of the month. I want to please him, but this is always a pretty difficult time for me. Any ideas of how I can handle it?"

Jennifer - and the tons of other women asking this question (or a variation of it)

Here's my answer:

It really depends...

It depends what you're in to, and what he's in to.

Some people are shy or embarrassed even thinking about being intimate, while others are perfectly okay with it...

Some people take a shower together and keep the lights down low...

While other women simply decide that for these few days out of the month that she is out of commission all together, and their man will just have to wait...

Whatever your preference is, there is one thing you can do that will keep him completely and totally satisfied...

In fact, when you do this one thing the right way he's going to get excited whenever you say that it's "your time of the month"...

And when you do this one thing well, you're going to notice him becoming closer and more drawn to you.

So what is this ONE THING?

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Talk soon,


Email Swipe 2 - Subject: Adorable Little Puppy or Big Bad Wolf. Which One Is Better For Your Relationship? +

Hey, it’s [NAME].

And I have kind of a weird question for you.

If you had to pick between an adorable, little, playful puppy or a great big angry wolf, which one do you think would actually be able to help your relationship?

If you said the cute little puppy, you'd actually be wrong.

See, puppies have been bred for many generations to be as small, playful and adorable as possible.

But deep down, they still hold the same DNA that their wolf ancestors had.

They still have many of the same instincts, but have simply been taught to ignore them and behave in a "softer and more gentle" way.

On the other hand, you have the wolf, a strong, dominant animal that is still just as nature intended.

And where the puppy has been bred to live in your home and behave how you tell it to, the wolf relies on its instincts, travels in small packs with its family, and knows that its best bet is to take care of one another and always protect its family.

In fact, strong wolfpacks have been known to be some of the most loving and loyal animal groups in the world.

So what does this have to do with your relationship?

A lot more than you may realize.

Today, society tells men that they need to be softer, more in tune with their emotions, and in a lot of ways more effeminate.

However, in the DNA of all men still lies the Vikings, warriors, and cavemen that they descended from.

And while most men these days would never act the way their ancestors did, they still have the urge and temptation to let out their "inner caveman" from time to time.

As a woman, one of the greatest gifts you can give your man is the ability to act on his primal urges.

Now imagine if there was a way to do this which brought the two of you closer than ever before.

Luckily for you, there is!

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Email Swipe 3 - Subject: The Technique That Shall Not Be Named +

Hey, it’s [NAME].

Over the years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping countless women like you from all over in their quest for endless love, passion, and romance.

But, there’s always been one specific technique that can bring you and your man closer than ever before that I’ve simply not talked about.

It’s not that I shied away from it or thought you might get offended. It’s because until now, there’s never been a resource available like this anywhere else.

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When you use this technique, you’re going to see an immediate and drastic change in your man.

He’s going to treat you better than ever before, and he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself.

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Email Swipe 4 - Subject: Increase The Passion In The Bedroom Like Never Before +

Hey, it’s [NAME].

One of the best and most important parts of any healthy relationship is getting to enjoy an amazing love life.

Over time, we all tend to fall into routines and whether you realize it or not this can take a toll on the relationship.

But here’s the good news.

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Email Swipe 5 - Subject: How Substance Abuse + A Cheating Husband = The Happiest Relationship Ever...??? +

Hey, it's [NAME].

I wanted to share an article with you today that actually stopped me in my tracks.

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Despite what her friends and logic were telling her, she refused to give up on him and was determined to make the relationship work.

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Email Swipe 6 - Subject: Slighty Flirty And Slighty Dirty Way To His Heart +

Picture this.

It's around 8:30 at night, you just finished your second glass of Chardonnay, and you're feeling a little bit frisky.

Your man comes home after a long, hard day and tells you that he's simply too tired to fool around tonight.

Unfortunately, you've been noticing him becoming more distant as of late, and excuses like this one are becoming way too common.

You're feeling like he's beginning to slip away and deep down that terrifies you.

But tonight's different.

Tonight, you decide to take matters into your own hands and use this one, simple technique and all of a sudden everything begins to change.

He begins looking at you almost like a little kid who runs downstairs on Christmas morning amazed at all the gifts Santa left him under the tree.

Your man begins going out of his way to make all those sweet, romantic gestures that he used to when you first met, and he genuinely wants nothing more than to become closer and more connected with you.

And it all started the night you used that one, simple technique.

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Email Swipe 7 - Subject: THIS Is Driving Men Wild All Over The Country +


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